Miami Heat’s Dwayne Wade As A New Single Dad

Dwyane Wade: My Life as an NBA Single Dad – Newsweek.

Wade and his eldest son Zaire. Photo courtesy of Newsweek.

Congratulations Wade!

I admire men who keep families tied together.  His own family in particular.  No matter how busy a man’s life is, it’s a challenge and an accomplishment for men who are known to be society’s institutional achievers but the least involved member in raising the family.

Don’t get me wrong.  I mean least involved because usually women take care of the details of the household, on physically and emotionally raising the kids.  And the men are there to appreciate – and criticize.  But times have changed.  Although not all men have changed with the times, significantly, a lot of men have proudly assumed the role of “house-bandry” taking care of household chores that were formerly taken on by the women.

The new age have highlighted the empowerment of women.  Gradually, women assuming roles that were formerly taken on by men have become more accepted.  In some societies though, there are still cultures where women remain in the backseat when it comes to decision-making on vital issues regarding raising the family.    In some other cultures still there remain women whose significant purpose is to populate lineages.  All these women issues find little attention on the potential of men to be loving single parents.

Lucky for Wade that the law allowed custody for his boys.  That’s a breakthrough on the nuclear unit of society. What if they were girls?  Would the verdict be the same?

Good luck Wade.  More stringent than the social welfare agencies, the eyes of fathers and mothers alike are on you.


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